The team A/S main office and development department is located in Denmark, and in addition to this we also have development departments in Poland, Ukraine and India. A/S has around 30 employees that are characterised by being the very best at what they do, having high intelligence, great focus, a great sense of humour and wishing to make A/S the most exciting and successful workplace in Europe - measured by personal development, the social element and the growth of the company.

Additionally, A/S has around 20 very closely associated counsellors within law, audit, marketing and development. We go through extremely thoughtful actions when choosing our counsellors. For instance, we have a close cooperation with the best legal competences within IT-law on each of the markets that we act on.

Due to issues regarding phishing and spam, we do not publish a list of employees. You are welcome to write to, if you wish to get in touch with a certain employee or an employee within a certain department.

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