Danske Ejendomsmedier A/S is changing its name to Rentbuyestate.com A/S

Over the last few years Danske Ejendomsmedier A/S has developed itself from being the greatest player within creating and operating property portals and to becoming a Nothern European and international player.

The housing sites Bostadsfinder.se and Bostadsdeal.se are launched in Sweden, and in the Netherlands the housing sites Woningtarget.nl and Woningjacht.nl are launched. During the spring, the company's commercial estate portals will launch in the Netherlands and Sweden. By the end of 2016, the company's portals will be introduced to the German market.

"This is why it is natural for us to change the name. From now on the company will be named Rentbuyestate.com A/S. The previous name Danske Ejendomsmedier A/S will however continue as the subbrand for the Danish market", says chairman of the board Thomas Barfod. 

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